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Indorack Glass Door Close Rack 19" 27U - IR9027G

by Indorack
Indorack Glass Door Close Rack 19" 27U - IR9027G
Rp 9,200,000
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Standing Glass Door



Comply & compatible with 19 inch international standard, metric system & ETSI standard. Reliable structure & static loading achieves up to 800 kg.


High density vented hole front & rear door, for perforated series meeting the ventilation requirement, & international popular tempered glass front door for glass door series.


The side door easy to be installed and uninstalled quickly which make the working conveniently. Include castor and adjustable feet which make the moving and fixing easily. Comfortable handle with safe lock front & rear door lock system enlarges the security.


Tech Specs
Dimensions 1320mm x 600mm x 900mm (HxWxD)
Other Glass Front Door, Steel Rear Door, 2 Side Door With Lock, 1 Unit 8 Outlet Powerset With Switch, 2 Fan, 1 pcs Fix Shelf, 50 Set Cagenuts and Screws, 4 pcs Adjustable Foots and 4 pcs Castors