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Product Overview

10Gigabit Ethernet Switch S5100-28HT-SI is standard layer 3 non-blocking switch. Based on high-performance, ASIC chip technology, the switch adopts the modular structure design, which has the capability of multilayer, switching and wire-speed routing forwarding. Meanwhileit can be deployed in the metropolitan area networkand provides several last kilometer technology for data, aggregation and data exchange. At the same time, 10Gigabit Ethernet Switch S5100-28HT-SI provides a complete IPv4/IPv6 routing, including tunnelling and IP multicasting. Users can set each function of switch via Web, SNMPetc. S5100-28HT-SI switch is very suitable for the aggregation, application of large-scale network and the core application of medium and small-sized network

Product Features

  1. High Performance
    • ​​with 128G backplane capacity
    • Hardware routing, wire-speed layer 3 switching packet forwarding rate is up to 95.232Mpps
    • Able to be deployed in the core of metropolitan area network , and provide several last kilometer technology
  2. Safe and Reliable
    • provide DOS, DDOS,spoofing and virus defense
    • support IEEE802.1x, provide port-based user authentication, network shield, safety control, and policy control
    • restrict the maximum number of hosts connected with the port, multi-binding the Ethernet interface , increasing
      bandwidth and system redundancy
    • powerful ACL, support L2-L4 data filtering
    • support QinQ function
    • policy control list and flow regulation
  3. Convenience Maintenance
    • use clustering technology, support more than one device stacking, with an unified IP for centralized management
      saving the address resources
    • able to be managed via Web, SNMPetc
    • support XModem protocol, use TFTP/ZMODEM for software upgrading and BootRom upgrading.
    • support DHCP server and relay function, dynamically assign IP address
    • support SFP+, simulataneously downward compatible with XFP
    • support redundant power supply, quick failover and quick connection, greatly increasing the reliability of the system
  4. Powerfull, Flow and Broadcast Management
    • automatically detecting and controlling broadcast storm, support IGMP message detection, effectively limit the
      flooding broadcast packets.
    • support full duplex mode and half duplex mode flow control
    • support Ethernet interface taking 1M as the step length for rate limiting
    • advanced buffer management, support 802.1p protocol, each port 8 transmitting queues mapping 802.1p 8 priority
    • support IP multicast and QoS
Tech Specs
Data Rate 95.232Mpps
Memory Flash 8 MB
Storage Temperatures -10° to 70°C (14° to 158°F )
Operating Temperature 0° to 40°C (32° to 104°F)
Power 80 W
Ports 24 x 10/100/1000BASE-TX ports, 4 10GE SFP+ ports
Capacity 128 Gbps
Dimensions 440mm x 230mm x 44mm